Can Moodle Detect Cheating? Get Knowledge on It Here

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Can Moodle Detect Cheating? Get Knowledge on It Here

Moodle is one of the best and well-known LMS (learning management systems). Many schools use Moodle to provide a better online learning experience to students. Also, it is free, and its plugins are budget-friendly. On the other hand, other learning management systems may cost you. The best thing about Moodle is that it can detect cheating. It has several tools like a plagiarism scanner, proctoring plugins, and many more to prevent students from cheating. So you cannot ask someone to Take My Class For Me, as you will get caught. Moreover, teachers can apply desired tools while conducting online classes on Moodle.

Undoubtedly, Moodle is an excellent LMS. It has everything a teacher needs to educate students virtually. Plus, it does not cost you anything, as it is open-source. However, students still find ways to cheat. Nothing can stop students from cheating.

Can Moodle Detect Cheating?

Presently, nearly everyone is learning online. Virtual learning made cheating easier for students. Online exam cheating is on the surge. Academic researchers are trying to find ways to prevent cheating. However, it seems like students are always one step ahead of them. Therefore, many well-known schools use Moodle, as it has the potential to detect cheating. Students cannot copy-paste or switch the screen during the exam in Moodle.

However, Moodle detects only the learning management system tab. It cannot detect other browsers if you have opened them alongside. You need a plugin to monitor students’ movement in Moodle. After using the proctoring plugin, Moodle can detect all of your activities.

There are various ways teachers can detect whether their students cheat or not. However, the easiest way to detect and prevent cheating is Moodle. Below are some excellent qualities of Moodle through which it catches cheating.

Built-In Plagiarism Scanners

Moodle has numerous built-in plagiarism plugins available to attach. For example, you can put the Turnitin plugin to Moodle. Turnitin is a brilliant plagiarism checker and is well-known globally. Therefore, Moodle can easily detect if you copy-paste information from the internet. If it finds plagiarism, the teacher will get a notification, and you will be in trouble.

Also, it can reveal the source where you have copied the content. Moodle’s Turnitin plugin also detects short keys, such as CTRL+V, and considers it as cheating. It also provides plagiarism reports to students and teachers.

Proctoring Plugins

Moodle has excellent proctoring exam methods. Teachers use proctoring plugins in the final exams to prevent students from cheating. The proctored plugins observe your webcam, activity, and even audio. After the exam session, the plugin will gather the data and send it to the invigilator for inspection. If it shows any suspicious action, you may need to justify it.

Students have to install the proctoring software on their PC or laptops to use it on Moodle. Also, the plugin first detects your face through a web camera before the exam session. This way, if someone else tries to take your exam, it will flag you as a cheater. Furthermore, the webcam also examines your room. Thus, if any abnormal movement occurs, it will warn the teacher about it. If your data has any evidence of cheating, it may lead you toward disqualification or trials.

Lockdown Browser

The lockdown browser is an enemy of cheaters. It restricts users from visiting any website but Moodle. Also, it continuously uses the webcam to observe the exam session. Teachers use a lockdown browser solely when it is highly needed. Mostly, you will get to use it in the final exams. Moreover, it detects abnormal behavior. Any suspicious action may lead you toward disqualification.

You cannot look at your phone or another computer screen while using a lockdown browser. Your web camera stays open during the exam session and detects your behavior. Also, the invigilator gets a notification whenever you try inappropriate body gestures. Moreover, students get a report of visual behavior at the end of the exam session. The report can justify whether you cheated or not.


Moodle can be helpful in taking online quizzes and exams. It has various features to detect cheating and restrict users cheating. The above qualities of Moodle define how efficient it is for us. There is no other learning management system that can compete with Moodle. Therefore, if you wonder to seek help for your online exam, make sure you are not using Moodle. You simply cannot ask someone to Take My Online Class For Me, as the proctoring tools will flag you as a cheater. Also, you cannot access other applications if your teacher implements proctoring plugin while conducting the exam.

Moodle is currently an excellent learning platform, as students are unable to cheat in it. However, it is just a matter of time. Students will find ways to cheat in Moodle as well. There is nothing sharper than a student’s mind when it comes to cheating. Still, do not underestimate the security system of Moodle.

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